Our Staff

Ms. Rosalin Devi
The Montessori methodology which I have learned a few years ago has changed my perspective in the human development from childhood to adulthood. To work with children was something that enchanted me. I changed my career ever since and it has been for nearly two decades where I organize various education systems in the childhood field. Therefore, I am here not only to teach children but to also help them to learn, experience, discover and explore the richness of the universe during their developments that can shape the world. Teaching is a noble calling, giving and caring profession that comprises rewards; a self-accomplishment reward which can make a difference in a child’s life. I am dedicating myself and my team in Pascal Montessori to take part in your children’s education and help them meet a successful life and take part in society in the future.
Ms. Devy Yulinda
Joining Pascal Montessori since its opening has given me a great chance to see how children learn and develop throughout their early years. It is always fascinating to see how much children can learn and absorb new knowledge even from very simple activities. The General Affairs staff and I in Pascal Montessori are dedicating ourselves in ensuring that all the support system needed to provide good learning environment is fulfilled and according to our standards. Our consideration is making Pascal Montessori a comfortable, safe and interesting place to explore and learn.
Mr. Ardi
Greetings! My name is Mr. Ardi. I have been working at Pascal Montessori for 13 years. I have attended many seminars and training to enrich my ability to teach the children so I can convey the lesson in a fun way. I love spending time and see the children grow.
Ms. Amy
Hi, my name is Ms Amy and I’m always excited to having years of fun learning with the children. I graduated from Montessori Centre International in 2012. Montessori has always been my passion and I am very proud to have spent 12 years as a Montessori teacher. My hobbies are cooking and having lots of adventures.
Mr. Agus
Hello, my name is Mr. Agus, but my students call me Mr. A. I have been working with Pascal Montessori for about 11 years. I got my certificate at Modern Montessori International. I love reading, collecting records and modelling kit. I enjoy working with children and seeing them accomplish new things.
Mr. Yogie
Hello, my name is Mr. Yogie. I’ve been working at this school since 2006. I got my Montessori certificate at Modern Montessori International. I love cycling, outdoor activities and music. I look forward each year to spending a great and productive year with my students.
Ms. Rena
Ms. Elka
Hi. I am Ms Elka and this will be my fourth year working with the children in this school. I completed the Toddler Program at North American Montessori Center. I love crafting and I enjoy working with the children. I look forward to growing and working with the school to help the children become great individuals.
Ms. Afril
Hi, I am Ms. Afril. This is going to be my third year working with children at Pascal Montessori. I love working in this school because of the creative atmosphere among the children and the teachers. I love knitting, dancing and being around children.
Ms. Ria
Hi, I’m Ms Ria. I love working in this school because of the children. I love reading and listening to the music. Most of all, I enjoy working with the children. It is a great pleasure to I see the children grow and become smarter each day.
Ms. Selita
Hi, I am ms. Selita. I've been with this school almost a year. Beside teaching Music,I am also the assistant teacher in Padi Class. I like singing, dancing and swimming. I also enjoy watching performances and playing guitar. I'm looking forward to making wonderful moments with the children.
Ms. Ocha
Hello. my name is Ms. Ocha. I've been teaching in Pascal Montessori since 2017. I have a degree in Psychology and I find working with children is fascinating. Pascal Montessori is a school which supports children to be their own individual self. I love the children and cannot wait to learn, play and grow with them in class. I also like reading books and watching movies.
Ms. Dee
Lower Elementary Teacher
Ms. Clara
Upper Elementary Teacher
Ms. Heti
Hi! My name is Ms. Heti. I have been working here for five years. I am the one who will first greet you and give information about our school. My hobbies are hiking and yoga, most of all I like travelling. So, do not hesitate to ask me about our school. I'd be glad to help you.