Welcome Note From The Management


We have been in the education field for 13 years.  With passion in our hearts and love of education and children, we started with an English enrichment program using phonics methods for two years from 2004.  We then added playgroup classes to our program with a brand new name of Quantum Learning Center in 2007 and added kindergarten level in 2008.  


We researched different teaching methods and realized how the golden years, the first six years of one’s life, play an important role in shaping the human mind and we wanted to take advantage of it.  With encouragement and support from parents, we took a leap and opened a preschool using a mixture of conventional and Montessori teaching methods in 2011.  


We grew to love the Montessori philosophy and teaching method and decided to use a full Montessori methods with a brand new name, Pascal Montessori, in 2012.  In 2014 we moved and invested in our own building in Jalan Guntur no 14.  We believe that to open a Montessori school, we have to have deep understanding of the methods.  For this reason, we invested in sending our teachers for Montessori certification.


Montessori is an approach to education that balances freedom and enhances self-responsibility in the classroom besides to establish high standard of intellectuality and social development for children.  Our program requires the active role of the children in their own way and pace of learning to reach goals in achieving maximum academic excellence, social awareness and moral development; and other development in general according to their age.


Through this website, you can have a general overview of our school and what we offer.  For a deeper understanding, please come and visit our school.  We will be pleased to show you our facilities and curriculum.